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Tugas halaman 71, 74 dan 85

ini adalah beberapa contoh surat dalam bahasa inggris mulai dari:
1. Surat permintaan barang
2. Surat Permintaan Barang dalam jumlah besar
3. Surat Ucapan terima kasih, selamat, dan sympathy
4. Surat Ucapan terima kasih untuk perusahaan yang lama

Lt 4 Jalan Mampang Prapatan Raya No. 100
Jakarta Selatan 12760

5 Maret 2017

Mr. Dadang Jaman
Promotion Manager
Jl. Hasanudin No. 86 Nangrek
Jakarta Utara 3256

Dear Sir,

              This company is also a dealer for typewriters is interested in the new model imported from South America.
              We want to buy a typewriter from your company. if you usually by sending information about the typewriter South America. We are very interested in typewriters South America. You please enclose a brochure and help you explain the method of payment in your reply letter. If we take in large quantities whether to get a discount.
I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you for the cooperation.

Your sincerely

Novita Lubis
General Office Supplies        

                             surat pesanan barang dalam jumlah besar

Jl. Kemayoran Lama No. 47
Jakarta Timur 5225

23 Feburary 2017

Jl. Metro Pondok Indah Blik B II BB
Jakarta 12310

Dear Mr or Ms ,

with this we want to convey the right. that we want to order in bulk. the details are as follows :


If we buy the products, whether your company can give us a discount . we hope can be responded to quickly, because we want to use in the next week

Thank you for the cooperation.

Yours sincerely

Bambang Budiman
General Office Supplies

Jl. Merpati Dua No.762 Lampenerut
Banda Aceh 6438

12 Januari 2017

Mr. Suhendra , ST.
Wisma Cendana
Jalan Burung Perkutut No. 23
Bandung 8096

Dear Sir,

I would like to conglatulate you on yours  recent promotion to become Marketing Coordinator. You should be proud of your accomplishments.

You deserve this promotion because of your dedeication and loyalty to the comopany. Hopefully you will have more spirit to reach the targers.

Again, congratulation and have a good job.

Your Sincerely


 surat sympathy
JL. Sengaja Colek Kamu No. 23
Banda Aceh 6338

26 Januari 2017

Satria Susi
Senior Marketing Executive Flearson Education
Jalan Semut Merayap No. 65 Kuta Alam
Jakarta Utara 387

Dear Mr. Satria Susi,

I was verry sorry to learn when icalled at your office yesterday that you had been in aplane accedint on your way home from dcirut, but equally relibed to learn that you are now making good progress and likely to be back at work again in a view weeks time.

I had a long talk with Mr. Udin and was glad to learn of your rising export orders. I expect to see you again next month to continue or business. Again, I hope you will get better soon and hope we can make good progress in the future.

Yours Sincerely

Yudha Gelap

Translate into good indonesian

ü  On behalf of the company, i was sorry to hear the death of Mr. Bambang. Although i knew he was will, i was shocked to hesar that.
ü  Mr. Bambang and i worked togerher at the same department at prudential life insurance in thamrin,jakarta. I personally will never forgethis immense capacity for helping other people.
ü  Please accept my sympathy
ü  We have all been greatly comforted by the kindness and sympathy of those around us
ü  The kindness and aympathy shown by everyone has been almost overwhelming.
ü  She was avery dear friend and we shall greatly miss her cheerful outlook on life, her generous nature and her warmth of feeling, but abovce all we shall miss her for her wonderfull sense of fun

Ø  Atas nama perusahaan, saya menyesal mendengar kematian Mr. Bambang. Meskipun saya sudah tau, saya terkejut mendengar itu.
Ø  Bapak Bambang dan saya bekerja bersama-sama di departemen yang sama di asuransi jiwa prudential di thamrin, jakarta. Saya pribadi tidak akan pernah lupa kapasitas besarnya untuk membantu orang lain.
Ø  Terimalah simpati saya
Ø  Kita semua telah sangat terhibur oleh kebaikan dan simpati dari orang-orang di sekitar kita
Ø  Kebaikan dan simpati yang ditunjukkan oleh semua orang telah hampir tak tertahankan.
Ø  Dia adalah avery teman baik dan kami akan sangat kehilangan outlook nya ceria pada kehidupan, alam murah hati dan kehangatan perasaan, tetapi di atas semua kita akan kehilangan dia untuk rasa nya indah menyenangkan

Surat Terima kasih kepada perusahaan yang lama
24 February 2017

Jalan Abdulrahman Saleh No.12
Jakarta Timur 7453

Dear Mr. Samsudin,

            I am very pleased to be working in the company PT.MENARA DUTA. during my work there I get a lot of experience that I never had. I am proud for twelve months I worked at the company 's father. although now I do not work there anymore I hope if you need help I am ready to intervene directly
            I hope the company PT. MENARA DUTA future could be more advanced and can boast the country.

Yours Sincerely

Rahmat Hidatu

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