Jumat, 08 September 2017

The Foolish Donkey

A salt seller used to carry the salt bag on his donkey to the market every day. On the way they had to cross a stream. One day the donkey suddenly tumbled down the stream and the salt bag also fell into the water. The salt dissolved in the water and hence the bag became very light to carry. The donkey was happy.
Then the donkey started to play the same trick every day. The salt seller came to understand the trick and decided to teach a lesson to it. The next day he loaded a cotton bag on the donkey. Again it played the same trick hoping that the cotton bag would be still become lighter.
But the dampened cotton became very heavy to carry and it suffered much. It learnt a lesson. Afterwards it did not play the trick and the seller was happy.

The Dog and The Donkey

There lived a dog and a donkey in a house of a rich man. The dog guarded his house and the donkey carried loads for him.
It was a hot afternoon. The dog was sleeping under the shady veranda. There was some noise outside. The dog just lifted up his head and went back to sleep.
The donkey asked, “Why don’t you bark. It could be thieves”. The dog replied, “Mind your own business”. But the donkey would not listen. He wanted to save his master from thieves. He started to bray.
The master who was sound asleep got wild with the donkey and came running out with a stick and gave hard beatings to the donkey.

The Dog and The Cows

The cows used to eat hay from the manger. One day a herd of cows came to the manger to eat hay. They saw a dog lying on the hay in the manger.
One of the cows pleaded, “Please, will you get up! We are hungry. We have to eat our hay”. The dog did not take heed of it.
Once again another cow pleaded, “Please, let us have our hay”. The dog snarled and the cow stepped back.
A wise cow ran up to the bull and told him the matter.
The bull came and requested, “Get out, please! Let them have their food”. There was no reply. The bull became angry. He bellowed loudly and stamped his legs. The dog got frightened and ran for his life.

The Cat and The Fox

A cat and a fox were once discussing about hounds.
The cat said, “I hate hounds. They are very nasty animals. They hunt and kill us”.
The fox said, “I hate hounds more than you”. .
The cat asked, “How do you save yourself from hounds?”
The fox replied, “There are many tricks to get away from hounds”.
The cat asked “Can you say what your tricks are?”
“They are very simple”, said the fox. He added, “I can hide behind thick bushes. I can run along thorny hedges. I can hide in burrows. There are many more such tricks”.
Now it was the turn of the fox to ask the cat about her tricks.
The fox asked, “How many tricks do you know?”
The cat replied, “I know just one trick”.
The Fox sneered, “Oh! How sad! You know only one trick? What is your trick?”
The cat was about to answer. But, she found a flock of hounds fast approach. She said, “I am going to do it now. Because the hounds are coming”.

Saying these words, the cat ran up a nearby tree safe from the hounds. The fox tried all his tricks but the hounds out beat him. “My one trick is better than all his tricks”, said the cat to herself.

The Cows and The Lion.
There was a village near a jungle. The village cows used to go up to the jungle in search of food.
In the forest there lived a wicked lion. He used to kill a cow now and then and eat her. This was happening for quite sometime. The cows were frightened.
One day, all the cows held a meeting. An old cow said, “Listen everybody, the lion eats one of us only because we go into the jungle separately. From now on we will all be together”.
From then on all the cows went into the jungle in a herd. When they heard or saw the lion all of them unitedly moo and chased him away.

The Eagle Who Lived Like a Hen

In a forest an eagle lived on a tree. It had built a nest wherein to lay its eggs. There the eagle would hatch its eggs all through the day.
Under the same tree there lived a hen. The hen had also laid eggs during the same period when the eagle had laid its eggs.
One day, while the eagle had gone for hunting, a bear climbed up the tree to eat the eagle’s eggs. The bear had finished three of the eggs when the fourth one slipped off its hands and fell into the hen’s nest. On returning, the eagle could not find her eggs. Feeling terribly upset, she decided to leave the place.
The hen which lived under the tree saw the eagle’s egg by the side of her eggs. She felt eggs pity on the eagle’s egg, and decided to hatch it too. After a few days, the hen’s chicks hatched. The eagle’s chick hatched, too.
The hen would feed all the chicks, including the eagle’s chick, as if it were her own. Soon the chicks began to grow.
The young chicks would listen to their mother’s sounds and try to imitate her. The eagle’s chick also picked up the hen’s sounds. The chicks would all play together and make lots of noise.
Within no time the hen’s chicks as well as the eagle’s chick grew up to their full size. The eagle’s chick never realized that it was an eagle and not a hen. Considering itself a hen, the eagle would. eat hen’s food, would walk and run like other hens and would make sounds like hens. The eagle never learnt to fly like other eagles and lived its whole life like a hen only.

The Monkey and the Crocodile
It was a beautiful lake surrounded by lush green grasses, beautiful trees, mountains and sweetest, tastiest jamun trees. There lived a monkey on one of the jamun trees located near the lake.
The lake also had a few crocodiles. There was one crocodile that used to collect the jamun fruits from the lake that fall from the tree.
As the crocodile visits the jamun trees every day, it became friends with Monkey. Crocodile and monkey met every day. The monkey helped crocodile by providing more and fresh jamun fruits from the tree. Their relationship continued and they became close pals.
One day, the monkey asked the crocodile to give some jamun fruits to his wife and family as the fruits were more delicious. The crocodile agreed and took a lot of jamun fruits to his wife.
His wife was so happy and surprised that she never ate so delicious fruits, so far. She inquired her husband, where he got those fruits. The crocodile told her, his friend, monkey who lives in a Jamun tree gave these for him.
The wife crocodile made a plan in her mind. She asked her husband, ‘Does your friend eat these fruits every day?’ The crocodile replied yes. She added, ‘Oh my goodness. These are the sweetest fruits we ever ate. Imagine how delicious the monkey’s heart would be if he eat these fruits daily! I need the heart of your friend. Can you please bring it for me?’
The crocodile was shocked to hear it from his wife. He replied, ‘But he is my close friend. I can’t do this to him.’
The wife crocodile told him, ‘don’t worry. You bring him here. I will then take care! Or else, you may try to push him down into the water if he doesn’t know swimming!’
After a long time, the crocodile agreed to bring monkey to his wife.
The very next day, crocodile invited monkey to join them for lunch and asked for his favorite foods. Monkey happily agreed to be the guest and but worried that the monkey did not know how to swim in the lake.
Crocodile on thinking about monkey’s sorrow, pleased monkey and told him, ‘Don’t worry. I will carry you on my back and will take you back safely too!’
The monkey accepted and crocodile rode him to his home on his back on the water. As they reached half way, the crocodile tried to push monkey down into the water. However, monkey held the crocodile tightly and did not fall. Monkey got suspicious about crocodile’s act and asked him to tell the truth.
Since crocodile believed him as his good friend, he told about the conversation and the fight his wife had with him and he was taking monkey to eat his heart!
The intelligent monkey said, ‘Oh my dear friend, you should have told me this earlier. I left my heart on one of the branches of the tree as I won’t carry it if I travel long. If you take me back, I can give you my heart.’
Crocodile accepted and rode the monkey back to the lake. As they reached the tree where the monkey lived, the monkey climbed quickly and escaped from the crocodile.
He shouted at crocodile, ‘I thought you as a good friend, but you cheated me. I will never come back and never be your friend.’
The crocodile understood his mistake and returned back home empty handed, losing a good friend indeed.