Jumat, 08 September 2017

the fools of two men

The fools of two men

Gotham (Go’tem) was a little town in England.
Once there was a man from Gotham going to market to buy sheep. At gotham bridge, he met a man who had just come back from the market.
“Where are you going?” asked the man who had come back to Gotham.
“I am going to market to buy sheep,” answered the other.
“Which way are you going to bring your sheep home?” asked the first man again.
“Over this bridge,” answered the second man.
“You shall not go over this bridge,” said the first man. “You shall go that way,”
“I will go over this bridge,” said the second man.
“You shall not,” said the first man again.
“But I will,” replied the other.
Soon the two men began to fight. They fought and fought until they both got quite hurt.
How foolish they were! They fought over the sheep which were not here.

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