Jumat, 08 September 2017

The Eagle Who Lived Like a Hen
In a forest an eagle lived on a tree. It had constructed a nest wherein to lay its eggs. There the eagle would certainly hatch its eggs throughout the day.
Under the same tree there lived a hen. The hen had also laid eggs throughout the very same period when the eagle had actually laid its eggs.
One day, while the eagle had actually gone for hunting, a bear went up the tree to consume the eagle’s eggs. The bear had actually completed three of the eggs when the fourth one slid off its hands as well as fell under the hen’s nest. On returning, the eagle could not locate her eggs. Feeling extremely distressed, she chose to leave the location.
The hen which lived under the tree saw the eagle’s egg alongside her eggs. She felt eggs pity on the eagle’s egg, as well as decided to hatch it too. After a few days, the hen’s chicks hatched. The eagle’s chick hatched, too.
The hen would feed all the chicks, including the eagle’s chick, as if it were her very own. Soon the chicks began to grow.
The young chicks would certainly pay attention to their mother’s sounds and also attempt to mimic her. The eagle’s chick additionally grabbed the hen’s noises. The chicks would all play with each other and also make lots of sound.
Within no time the hen’s chicks along with the eagle’s chick matured to their full size. The eagle’s chick never ever recognized that it was an eagle and also not a chicken. Considering itself a chicken, the eagle would certainly. eat chicken’s food, would certainly stroll as well as run like various other chickens and would make sounds like chickens. The eagle never learnt to fly like other eagles as well as lived its entire life like a hen only.

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