Jumat, 08 September 2017

Bear and Lion
One upon a time a lion and also a bear caught and killed a goat. They had a quarrel over it.
” It is mine,” claimed the bear. “I captured it with my strong paws.”
” It is not yours. It is mine,” said the lion. “I eliminated it with my strong jaws.”
Then they started to fight over it. They added and down capital, under and over the dropped trees, in and out of the woodland. They bit as well as scratched with their stamina, yet no person can conquer the other.
At last they both were weakened and might combat no longer. They lay upon the ground, panting as well as checking out each various other.
A fox that was passing by at the time saw them with a dead goat near by. She added to them, took the goat residence and also consumed it up.

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