Jumat, 08 September 2017

The Foolist Donkey
A salt vendor utilized to bring the salt bag on his donkey to the marketplace each day. On the way they needed to cross a stream. One day the donkey unexpectedly toppled down the stream and also the salt bag likewise fell under the water. The salt liquified in the water as well as thus the bag ended up being extremely light to lug. The donkey enjoyed.
Then the donkey started to play the exact same technique each day. The salt seller pertained to understand the technique as well as determined to educate a lesson to it. The following day he filled a cotton bag on the donkey. Once again it played the same technique wishing that the cotton bag would be still come to be lighter.
However the wetted cotton became really heavy to lug and it endured much. It found out a lesson. After that it did not play the technique and the seller enjoyed.

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